How to start coding in 2022, everything you need to know about programming

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Want to start coding to set your future here is the best guide for beginners to start coding
How to start coding, everything you need to know about programming
If you're here it means you've never coded before. Well, you don't have to worry about coding because this article is absolutely for you, this article tells you everything you need to know before you start coding.
Before you start programming or coding, you should be aware of what exactly programming and coding are.

What is programming?

Programming is a method or set of instructions to solve a problem or interact with computers whereas coding is the way of writing these instructions. For example: any rover sent to Mars, these rovers or robots are programmed to collect information from Mars and send us to Earth.
or Take YouTube from your phone, it's programmed to provide videos for users around the world.

What is coding

Coding is the systematic arrangement of keywords and instructions to solve a problem. For example:- Take youtube again, there are millions of instructions coded to make videos available on your mobile. The code in C looks like this:-
Q :- add two numbers (2 and 5)
Solution:- #include <stdio.h >
int a=2; , b=6;
printf("the some of two given numbers is %d", &(a+b));

What is the difference between coding and programming?

Coding and programming are related to each other, without programming you cannot write code whereas without coding you cannot write programs. Coding is the part of programming, programming allows you to solve problems whereas coding allows you to write the solution to that problem.

You don't need to learn coding and programming separately, when you learn programming you automatically learn to code.

5 steps to start coding

Here some important steps are given below to start your coding journey. These steps will help you choose your path for your future.
  1. Find your interest

    I don't expect you to have coded before, so you should have no idea about the different roles in the programming field. There are many fields in programming like web development, app development, data science, hacking, game development, etc. You must be aware of the job profile and salary before choosing a target for yourself so that you may not leave your job in the future.
  2. Choose your goal

    You have to choose your target based on your interest. If you try to be all kinds of programmers at the same time then you can't, even no one can. To become an expert in one type of programming language takes a lot of time, practice, and effort. No one will oppose you to be all kinds of programmers, you can change your profession later by learning more.
  3. Pick a programming language

    Programming languages are used by programmers to program apps, websites, games, etc. You have to choose a programming language based on your goal like if you choose your goal to become a web developer then you have to go with HTML CSS JavaScript one by one.
    Top programming languages to learn
  4. Choose a code editor

    Code editors are pre-built software in which we write code. Code editors are also known as text editors. There are many code editors or text editors available in the market like vs code, notepad++, sublime text editor etc. These softwares are designed to help programmers to write code efficiently and rapidly.

    You don't need to worry about choosing a code editor. You will learn more about them when you start learning programming languages.

  5. Go deep in coding

    After you start coding you have to practice a lot to improve your skills in programming. To know more about the technology you have to go deep into the world of programming.
    I suggest you to read the below article to become a professional programmer.
    how to become professional programmer


Programming is neither too hard nor too easy. One thing a successful person has in common in life is the focus. You have to focus on your goal and you have to work hard to achieve that goal.
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