How to start a blog in 2022? which can generate huge earnings

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So before starting blogging, you have to make up your mind to work hard for your blog, you can start a blog easily and make money.
how to start blogging
Hi, do you want to start your own blog? But don't have any knowledge to start a blog? Don't worry this article is absolutely for you. I have shared all the recommended steps which will help you to start your blogging journey. Many people want to start blogging for their purpose, it can be passion, money, or anything else. There are more than 1.7 billion websites available on the internet and are more than 600 million blogs from these websites. And about 4.66 million readers are also available for these blogs. So before starting blogging you have to set your mind to work hard for your blog because success is not a shortcut. You know that the output is always dependent on the input.

9 recommended steps to start blogging

  1. choose topic

    There are many topics available like gaming, education, technology, etc. You can choose a topic for yourself in which you are interested and want to achieve.

    If you want to start a micro niche blog then you have to work on one topic like if you choose gaming then you have to write articles for gaming.
    And if you want to start a niche blog then you can write articles on any topic.

    niche vs micro niche blogging which one should you start
  2. Create a name

    Name is like an identity for your blog, after selecting your blog topic you have to create a name for your blog so users can remember your blog.

    Create a unique name for your blog which is related to your topic.

  3. choose plateform

    Many platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc are available to write blogs. So before buying a domain for your blog make sure to select the appropriate platform that is best suited for your blog.

    I would suggest you to create a blog on Google Blogger as you are a beginner. And here it is not recommended to buy a domain for your blog and it is also a beginner-friendly platform.

  4. Register domain

    Domain is the extended name of your blog with extensions like .com, .in, .org etc. There are many companies available like godaddy, bigrock, namecheap etc where you can register your domain name.

    If you want to make a serious blog then you should register or buy a domain name for your blog.

  5. Get Hosting

    Hosting is a digital store where your blog will be stored, when user requests to visit your blog then will we send it to that user. There are many hosting companies available like Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc where you can buy hosting services for your blog and host your blog on a platform like WordPress. If you want, you can also host your blog through Google Blogger at no cost.
  6. Connect domain to host plateform

    After selecting the name and hosting platform for your blog, you need to connect your domain name to the hosting platform to run your blog and to make it available to users all over the world.
  7. Select theme

    The theme provides the user interface for your blog, there are many paid or free themes available. You have to choose one for your blog.
  8. start writing

    Now that all the basic things are done for setting up your blog, now you have to play your part to show your talent and passion. Start writing your blog and publish them on the internet.
  9. Start making money

    After writing many articles it is time to earn from your blog. Monetize your website through Google AdSense,, Affiliate, or other advertising companies, your earning will start, once your blog is approved by advertising companies to show ads on your blog. The earning of your blog will depend on the traffic of the visitors. The more visitors that visit your blog, the more your blog will generate.
now You have successfully created your blog.
You have to work a lot for your blog and have to keep patient, As it usually takes around 7 to 8 months for a blog to rank on the internet. If its performance is good then it can generate 1000$ per month but its performance depends on your work.
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