Best way to learn Javascript absolutely for free - how to learn fast?

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javascript is a most favorite programming language for web developers because it is a necessary and most demanding programming language in the market
best way to learn javascript
JavaScript is most favourite programming language for web developers because it is necessary to make alive your website and it is most demanding programming language in market. we all face problems, when we learn it for the first time, because it is also a hard language for beginners but if you have a proper strategy then you can learn it very easily as a beginner.
so some tips are given below that will help you to learn JavaScript within in month absolutely for free.

Best 5 Strategies to learn javascript for beginners

These steps will only give you the right way to learn javascript, learning javascript depends on you, how you treat with these strategies.
  1. Books

    Books are the great source for learning JavaScript, books gives you straight forward explanation of any topic and also covers all the important topics. lot of books are available that offer full JavaScript course you must choose one book for you. You must get help from online video lectures or documentations if you can't understand any topic from the book.
    So thase are some top books to learn javascript given below.
    • Eloquent javascript: A modern introduction to programming by marjin haverbeke
    • Javascript: the good part by douglas crockford
    • javascript and jquery by john duckett
    • javascript and jquery: interactive front and webdev by david sawyer mc forland
    • Head first javascript by elisabeth freeman & Eric freeman
  2. choose one source for learning

    If you want to learn JavaScript from online courses then there are many great courses available on the internet which are absolutely free to learn JavaScript but you have to choose a proper source for learning, which is best suited for you, Don't waste your time in switching learning sources.
    These are the top free platforms available on the internet to learn javascript.
    1. Youtube
      • clever programmer
      • code with harry
      • programming with mosh
      • edureka
      • simplilearn
      • Thapa technical
      • tech gun
    2. documentations
      • javascript. Info
      • documentation.
  3. Solve problems

    On the basis of your past experiences in your class, when you don't solve your problems of any chapter then you did not remember most part of that chapter, this phenomenon applies everywhere. so you have to solve lot of problems after learning or taking a lecture on Javascript so you can easily remember it.
    you can find a lot of problems in books or just searching it on the internet, you will get thousands of questions in a second.
    these are top websites where you can solve problems.
    • codewars
    • leetcode
    • topcoder
  4. Make Projects

    You will have to create projects after learning javascript, creating projects will increase your efficiency and help you become a self-taught programmer and you will face many new problems, which will improve your skills after you solve the problems.
    some projects that you must build are given below.
    • javascript calculator
    • javascript clock
    • Animated toggle menu with js
    • javascript game
    • etc.
  5. Get help

    It is common for beginners to get stuck while making a project so you have to take help of books or by searching it on internet, you will get a lot of solutions in less than a minute or you can submit your problem on developers website like
    • stackoverflow
    • github
    • stackexchange
    • Code project
    • hacker news
    • DZone
So these were the most recommended tips to learn JavaScript. if you follow these steps, I am sure you will definitely become a JavaScript developer.

How long does it take to learn javascript

You have to keep patience while learning JavaScript. it usually takes 6 to 7 months to become a self-taught JavaScript developer.
yes it is true that you can finish your books lectures or documentation within 10 days but your problem-solving skills will take a lot of time. solving a lot of problems and making projects will result in great problem-solving skills that will make you a self-taught JavaScript developer.
As you already knew books are a great source to learn anything and lectures are a good sources to understand hard topics that you could not understand from books. so you can use books to learn JavaScript and video lectures to understand hard topics and make sure to solve a lot of problems and to make projects at the same time also don't forget to get help if you get stuck.
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