which programming language should i learn first?

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Most of the people have a question that 'Which programming language should I learn first. Here you can clear all your doubts about programming lang.
which programming language should i learn first?
It is very difficult for beginners to choose a programming language to learn first. I suggest you choose your goal before choosing a programming language to learn. Your target will automatically choose a programming language that needs to be learned first.
You can have different goals like Game Development, Android Development, iOS Development, Web Development, etc.

5 programming languages to learn first

These are separate sections in programming and software development. You can choose the programming language to learn according to your goal.
  1. To understand programming

    If you want to learn the basic concepts of programming, then C language is for you. You should start with C as it will help you to understand the basic concepts of programming. C is a very old programming language and is very close to hardware due to which programs written in C are extremely fast. Operating systems such as Microsoft's Window and Apple's OSX have also been written in C language.
  2. For web development

    If your only goal is to become a web developer then you should start with the following languages.
    There are two types of web developers.
    • Front End Developer
    • Back End developer

    • For Front End Development
    • For Front End Development, you should start with JavaScript. Almost all web developers use JavaScript to program their websites. Furthermore, there is a huge demand for JavaScript in the market, so you can apply for a huge number of jobs.
    • For Back End Development
    • PHP is suitable for beginners in web backend development as it is easy to learn, a novice in programming can learn it easily. Python, Ruby, Java, C# and JavaScript are also used in backend development but these can be quite difficult for beginners.
  3. For Mobile Development

    If you want to become a mobile developer then you have to choose a type for mobile development because There are two types of mobile development
    • Android Development
    • Java and Kotlin are commonly used in Android development. But Kotlin is a modern programming language used by more than 60% of professional Android developers. Also, there is a huge community of Java and programs written in it.
    • for iOS development
    • Swift is the only programming language used in iOS development.
  4. For Game Development

    C++, C and c# are the primary programming languages used in Game development. If you have time to understand the basic concepts of programming then you can go with the C language. Later you can switch to C++ anytime as it is hard to understand for beginners.
  5. For Data Science & Machine learning

    python is the most required and usually used programming for machine learning and data science. python is becoming a more popular programming language As the number of python users is increasing. It will not only help you to get a job quickly but will also accelerate your career growth.
  • C for understanding programming
  • Javascript for web development
  • php for backend development
  • c for game development
  • Java or kotlin for Android development
  • Swift for iOS development
  • Python for Data science and machine learning
Hope you have found a programming language to learn first. If you want to help other people, share this article.
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