What should I learn before learning any programming language?

Learning a programming language directly can be a bad idea. Before learning programming language you should learn these things.
What should I learn before learning any programming language?
Learning programming language directly can be a bad idea for people who don't have an instructor or who don't have coding background because programming language is a medium to communicate with computer. As you can see examples in human life, we Many of them cannot express their feelings in words.
So these are some things that you should learn before learning any programming language. I will tell you these things based on the syllabus of B Tech Computer Science in IIT universities.

Things you should learn before learning a programming language

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. The first thing is to learn the basics of electronics because without electronics a computer is nothing. Computers are made by combining thousands of electronic components and technologies, so you must know how a computer works. You should learn about resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors and many other technologies in electronics. All the microchips used in computers are made up of billions of tiny transistors.
    what should i learn before learning programming language

  3. Digital Electronics
  4. Digital electronics is a way to communicate with a computer. Digital electronics teaches you how to convert human instructions into computer language because computer understands only 0s and 1s and digital electronics provides ways to convert human instructions into 0s and 1s which can be called as binary or machine language. also known.

  5. Programming
  6. At this stage, you can choose one of the programming languages to become a professional in it. There are hundreds of programming languages available but you can choose one for yourself. Here is the list of best programming languages
    • python
    • JavaScript
    • c++
    • kotlin
    • java
    • Know more
    To be professional in programming you have to learn data structure and algorithms, as I already told you that programming language is a way of telling our instructions to the computer so that the computer can follow the given instructions to operate on them. Data Structures and Algorithms give you a lot of techniques and exercises in programming.

Programming is not hard nor is it very easy, all you need is a lot of practice on the right track so that you can master it.
If you wonder where do I learn it from then you don't need to worry about it. because there is how to learn programming?
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