What are the top programming languages ​​to learn for future

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These languages ​​are the top programming languages ​​to learn in 2022 based on StackOverflow's developer survey.
best programming languages to learn in 2022
Want to get hired? Or want to become a professional self-taught developer? Well, you are at the right place if you want to learn the most sought-after and best programming language as per today's needs. I will cover the top 6 programming languages as of today's requirements based on StackOverflow's developer's survey. These languages will help you to get a job with a high salary package.
I would rank these languages in descending order according to their demand rating based on StackOverflow's developer survey.

Top 6 programming language to learn in 2022

best programming languages to learn in 2022

    It is the most popular, demanding and easy-to-understand object-oriented programming language in the world, a novice in programming can learn it easily with little practice. It is also an ideal language for machine learning and data science. Many applications use python so it opens a lot of job opportunities for python developers and data scientists and AI developers also get high salaries.
    Highlights :
    • It is easy to understand.
    • It is used in web development , GUI development, machine learning, data science etc.
    • It is most required programming language globally.
    • It gives high salary job in data science and machine learning.

    JavaScript is the ideal and most used programming language in web development. It has a high demand in the market as there is no replacement for JavaScript available in the market and around 95% of web applications use JavaScript. It is an all-rounder programming language as you can write front-end as well as back-end web applications using JavaScript. It is also used to build games and other applications and has support for a large number of frameworks which makes it easy to use.
    Highlights :
    • It is a powerful and one of the most required programming languages nowadays.
    • It is mostly used in web development, game development, and all the scripting work on website are done via JavaScript.
    • It's top frameworks are AngularJS, reactJS, vueJS and top library is jQuery.
  3. JAVA

    Java is purely an object-oriented programming language which is mostly used in Android and GUI development. About 40% of developers are using Java to build applications. Since a large number of software in the market is already written in Java, it opens up a lot of vacancies for Java developers.
    Highlights :
    • It is beginner friendly object oriented programming language.
    • It is used in Android development, web development, GUI development etc.
    • Aprox 40% developer uses Java.
    • There are many jobs available for experienced Java developer.
  4. C++

    C++ is a powerful and robust programming language that is mostly used in game development as it is very close to the hardware which is a major advantage of this language in game development. Since it is closer to the hardware it increases the speed of the device so many embedded systems and software use c++ which creates a huge number of jobs in the market and it can be a good language to learn if You want to become a game developer or software developer.
    Highlights :
    • It is very close to the hardware means that it is a very fast programming language.
    • It is mostly used in game development and software development.
    • because many games are already has been written in c++ so c++ game developers have a huge requirement in the game industry.
  5. DART

    Dart is a modern and popular programming language developed by Google. It is mostly used in client-side development such as app and web development. You can say that it is an extended or new version of Java and C++ because all the major difficulties in Java and C++ have been eliminated in this language but it cannot replace them as they have their own advantages.
    Highlights :
    • It is a modern programming language developed by Google.
    • It is a very popular programming language nowadays.
    • It is used in client development such as app development and web development.
    • All difficulties in other languages such as C ++ and Java are removed in this language.
  6. SWIFT

    It is a powerful and highly demanded programming language in Apple because it is a primary language for developing iOS applications, so if you want to get a job in apple then it is recommended programming language to learn because apple devices All are written in software for fast.
    Highlights :
    • It is very powerful programming language.
    • It is a high-demand language in the Apple industry.
    • MacOS, IOS watchOS, tvOS and beyond, written in the Swift language.
  7. kotlin

    Kotlin is a modern and very lightweight open-source programming language. It is mostly used in Android development and it is similar to Java but it is smaller than Java so the programs written in this language are much smaller than Java, so most of the new startups are using Kotlin for software development, Which creates a lot of job opportunities for Kotlin Developers.
    Highlights :
    • Kotlin is a modern and general-purpose open-source programming language mostly used for Android development
    • Its compilation is very fast
    • It is very lightweight programming language
    • Kotlin is similar to Java but the program written in Kotlin is much smaller than that of Java.
What you should learn before learning a programming language
I have covered all the best and most wanted programming languages. You can choose a programming language one by one to learn and if you want to get a job in google then you must have mastered java or c++ because questions in one of these languages are asked in the interview.
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