How to learn programming fast? Learn smartly

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So here are some tips to learn to program faster.
best way to learn programming
The best way to learn something fast is to learn that thing until you master it completely. All you have to do is forget everything else while studying a topic. In other words, you have to focus on the learning objectives. If you have focused on your goal then you can achieve it very fast.
I have seen many people who give up while learning programming but this is not the thing you should do. So here are some tips to learn to program faster.

top 7 steps to learn programming fast

These steps will only tell you the right strategy to learn programming fast. Learning programming depends on the work and hard work that you pay while learning to program. The harder you work, the sooner you will learn.

  1. Select your learning source
  2. You have to choose the right source to learn from. I suggest you go with books if you have time to read them, it will give you in depth explanation about programming, if you stuck in understanding any topic in book just watch it on youtube.
    You should watch video lectures together for better understanding.

  3. learn by doing
  4. Once you have finished your book chapter or video lecture on programming, you will have to use your knowledge, so find and solve problems, the more you solve, the more you will learn. The best way to find problems is to search for them on the internet and also solve the problems given in the book.
    CodeWar and HackerRank are also a big source of coding

  5. search for Help
  6. Once you start solving problems, there will be about a 90% chance that you will get stuck while solving problems. So find solutions to difficult problems on the internet. There are many websites available on the internet like StackOverflow Github which will help you.

  7. Stay Motivated
  8. When you try to solve more problems you will see that you are stuck regularly while solving problems and you will not feel well. Don't worry this is normal for beginners, just think about what drives you to do this and start learning to program again.

  9. Start Building Projects
  10. Once you are motivated you will solve more problems and solving more problems will help you learn more. Keep going in the forward direction and try to make some projects This will enhance your problem-solving skills and lead to a greater chance of getting hired.

  11. Keep Patience
  12. Once you start working on projects, there is also a possibility that you will get stuck while creating projects. You have to be patient because success is not a shortcut, This can take around 1-2 months or more depending on how big your project is and what technology you have used to build your project. And it may take 2-3 months to learn a programming language while it may take 9-10 months to become an expert.

  13. Apply for Real world problems
  14. At this stage, you become a proficient programmer, meanwhile, you acquired programming as a skill, so to gain more skills it is necessary to solve real world problems. You can apply for jobs or you can create your own projects where you will solve real-world problems that will boost your problem-solving skills.
NOTE:- Once you are proficient in programming with a specific programming language, you can learn any programming language fast as you only have to learn a few variations according to the language TOP PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE TO LEARN
So the moral of this article is that you have to devote 7 to 8 hours/day to programming and practice a lot and make lots of projects to learn programming fast. It is also recommended to focus on your work while working on projects.
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