How to become a software engineer without college degree?

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Here are the top 9 ways to become a software developer or software engineer without a degree or degree.
9 Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer or Software Develope
Software engineering is the most comfortable field based on a high salary, lifestyle, job profile, etc. It is not even necessary to have a college degree to become a software engineer.
You may have your own requirements to become a software engineer. This is the most developed field in computer technology, due to pandemic people want to learn something which they can do from home so they choose to program.
Here are some points by which you can become a successful software engineer.

Who are software engineers?

Software Developers or Software Engineers are individuals who program or create software based on the demand of the public such as Google software that fulfills the needs of the people. It has a wide range of fields such as data scientists, app development or it can be a program writer for space or general missions

9 Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer or Software Develope

9 Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer or Software Develope
These are some recommended steps to become a software engineer, by following these steps you can become a software engineer.
  1. choos your goal

    There are many roles in software engineering such as mobile development, web development, game development, data science , etc. Based on your interest, you can choose your target.
  2. Choose a programming language

    Programming language is the main thing used to write software. Once you have chosen your target, it will be easy to choose to program for your gal, as different programming languages are used in different types of software development such as Java is mostly used in Android development while Swift is used in Android development. Used in iOS development. These are some of the most important apps programming languages.
    • python
    • Javascript
    • C++
    • Java
    • Dart
    • Kotline
    • Ruby
    • etc.
  3. Boost your problem solving skills

    When you learn a programming language you solve some small problems. It is essential to solving such real-world problems after learning a programming language, so it will boost your skills. Practicing more will increase your problem-solving skills. There are many sources available on the internet to solve the exercises. Some platforms like HackerRank,, 'Code Source' etc provide you with lots of practice and real-world problems.
  4. Learn Data Structure & Algorithms

    Data structure and algorithm is the second most important thing in software development, programming has nothing to do without DSA. DSA will help you to solve problems in a smart way. It is recommended to learn data structure and algorithms for hiring as a lot of questions were asked from DSA in recent Google and Facebook exams. The right data structures and algorithms provide a lot of technology to handle data efficiently.
  5. Participate in competitive programming

    It's like an exercise for your brain on the internet. Here you can solve logic-based exercises and much more, you can also build your thinking power. It is supported by software industries such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.
  6. Join coding bootcamps

    Basically 'a coding boot camp is like coaching where you learn many skills like how to make software, marketing, and many more things. Coding boot camps are beneficial for programming students.
  7. Make projects

    There are a few more new problems you'll encounter while creating a project, and solving more problems will increase your problem-solving skills and your ability to handle more problems. Building projects will also help you find a job or internship, if you are looking for jobs and internships then it is important to have some projects in your portfolio.
  8. Apply for Internships

    After a long journey, it's time to apply for an internship. It will help you build your professional qualifications, personal character, and strengths. Here you will meet real-world problems and world needs.
  9. Apply for Jobs

    Eventually, your dream of becoming a software engineer is going to come true. There are many software companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc, which provide opportunities to freshers and experienced programmers to work in their companies.

Take degree

This is the alternative way to become a software engineer. Many universities offer courses and provide education in the CS stream, after completing your diploma or 10+2 you can pursue a computer science degree from any recognized university. Here you will learn everything you need to learn to become a software engineer. You can also take jobs in companies that require a degree for the job.
Everyone has a lot of dreams, they choose their profession according to their dreams, the software engineer is one of them. To become a software engineer, it is necessary to learn some techniques related to computer science and software engineering.
  • Choose your goal
  • pick a programming Language
  • Boost you problem solving skills
  • Learn Data structure & Algorithms
  • Participate in competitive programming
  • Join coding bootcamps
  • Apply for internships
  • Apply for jobs
  • or simply Take Degree in cs
Best wishes for your journey to becoming a software engineer.
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