Best programming language for game development for the coming future

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Here are the best programming languages ​​for game development, these languages ​​are also most used in mobile and 3D game development
Best programming language for game development for the coming future
There have been over 50,000 programming languages created by humans, and according to Wikipedia there are currently over 700 languages in use in the world.
Different programming languages have different specialties in certain areas, and some languages have the potential to enter game development because of their own characteristics.

How to choose a programming language for game development?

There are different levels of games, there are small games like tic tac toy while medium games like ludo, candy crush while big games like god of war ragnork, pubg, modern warfare 2 etc., So it is necessary to choose the area of your interest and what level of games you want to produce, then you will be able to choose a suitable language for your future, as programming languages also have their own requirements, as some languages require more time, skills and softwares, while some only want the skills.
For example if you are building a simple game then you can do it using js which only requires skills and a code editor whereas if you are building a game like pubg then you need to use any object oriented programming language which would require more time, resources and skill.
Below are given more clarity which will also help you to choose a language because a language needs time to master it so choose it carefully.

Must have qualities in a programming language for game development

A game programming language should have some special features, if you are going to make your future only in game development then one day you will also come in game development industry so it is necessary to go ahead with right language.
The following are the qualities to be considered while choosing a language.
  • proximity to hardware:- The closer the language is to the hardware, the faster it compiles, resulting in higher game performance.
  • well documented and supported:-Language that follows above requirement must have well documentation as it will help you a lot to learn this language and you can gather online support for your problem as it has huge community.
  • Robust:- The complexity of video games is increasing day by day as players want more high end games. Hence a programming language has to support large amounts of data and complex graphics.

Best programming languages for game development

These are some of the popular and well-optimized programming languages for game development, these programming languages are used to create 2D and 3D games for mobile, PC and console devices.
  1. C++

    C++ is a very fast object-oriented programming language because it has fast compilation and memory management, and you can have a lot of control over memory management. Also provides a higher abstraction level, provides direct control and graphical processing. It has extensive libraries that serve to design and power complex graphics.

    Game engines uses C++

    • GoDot

    • CryEngine

    • Unreal Engine

  2. C#

    This language was developed by Microsoft in 2000 and runs on .NET Framework. One advantage of this is that it uses the XNA framework which provides a lot of tools and a runtime environment for developing games for the Xbox and Microsoft platforms. It uses Unity3D and Xamarin, enabling game development for multiple platforms to provide scalability and efficiency.

    Game engines uses C#

    • GoDot

    • unity

    • Hero Engine

  3. JAVA

    Java is a robust and versatile open-source programming language that is considered a beginner-friendly object-oriented language. It is also used in the game development industry as it supports multithreading and sockets. This means that the system memory and CPU are used in a more efficient manner. Java runs on a virtual machine hence making it easy to distribute applications developed in it.

    Game engines uses java

    • jMonkey engine

    • LibGDX

    • Jake 2


    The syntax and execution are simple in Python. It is much easier to understand than other object-oriented languages like C++, Java, and C#. A complex game is never developed using Python, only certain APIs and frameworks are used. It has rapid prototyping, which means that, with one command, we can create a gaming package that is a major advantage of Python in the game development industry. Python is used by the Pygame engine.

    Game engines uses python

    • GoDot

    • pygame

    • renPy


    JavaScript is a very popular programming language in website and game website development. JavaScript is also used to develop game websites in which games are developed using JavaScript because JavaScript easily interacts with HTML and CSS. These games are like bubble shooter, puzzle-solving, tic tac toy, etc. There are basic games. That's why JavaScript is very suitable for these kinds of games.

    Game engines uses javascript

    • PandaEngine

    • Phaser

    • MelonJS

  6. LUA

    Lua is widely used as a scripting language in game development. It is a system-embedded programming language. There are many game engines such as Defold, Lua2D, Corona, etc that use Lua as a scripting language.

    Game engines uses lua

    • CraftStudio

    • WorldForge

    • Cocos2D

  7. Swift

    Swift is generally used to develop iOS games, so if you want to make your future in iOS development then this is the best language that can be best for you.

    Game engines uses swift

    • SceneKit

    • ARKit

    • SpriteKit


    Kotlin is mostly used to build software for cross-platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Kotlin has a LibGDX library and MinGDX framework for creating 2D and 3D games.
  9. RUBY

    Ruby is used to creating simple games that contain the Gosu 2D library for writing games. It is used by the Ruby 2D game engine to create basic games. You can create basic games using the Gosu 2D library.

Platform wise use of programming languages in game dev

Below are the most frequent languages used in game development for different platforms
Plateform Languages
Android Mobiles C++, C#, python
iOS Devises swift
PC/ Laptop C++, C#, JAVA
Consoles C++

Games created using programming languages

Some of the famous games are listed below along with the respective programming languages in which they are written.
Languages Games
C++ PUBG, Apex legend, GTA 5, Forza horizone, Hitman, god of war ragnarök , call of duty: modern warefare 2 (inlcuding all COD games)
C# Hearthstone, Stardew Valley
JAVA GTA 5, asphalt
JavaScript HexGl, towerbuiling
python call of duty: modern warefare 2 (inlcuding all COD games)


C++/ C, java, C# are mostly used to develop complex 3D games like PUBG, COD, Fortnite, asphalt, etc., while Lua, Javascript, kotlin, and Ruby are used to develop those basic games. Which you can play online. Python can be used to program certain actions in the game.
If you want to make simple games like Tic Tac Toy, Flappy Bird, Chrome Dinosaur game, then go for languages like Python and JavaScript. And if you want to develop some complex 3D games like pubg new state, cod, Fortnite, etc, then you should go for C++ or C, C#, and Java.
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